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Tips for Planning an 80s-Themed Family Reunion

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Family reunions are important because they help bring family members together who don’t otherwise get to engage with each other often, and it gives everyone a chance to share experiences and memories that will last forever. Now that you’re in charge of planning your next family reunion, why not take everyone back to the 1980s for a day? Here’s how you can do just that: The Lighting One of the most important things to think about when planning your themed family reunion is the lighting. Hire a professional to provide lighting for your event as this is what will most effectively turn the event venue into an 80s-inspired party house. Have your service provider create basic lighting over the food and sitting areas at your event, and ask them to create a multi-colored lighting feature for the dance floor that incorporate popular colors from the 80s like neon green, mauve, and yellow. Make sure your service provider has access to rotating light fixtures and disco balls that can be used during the event to mimic the look and feel of a dance club, as this will create constant movement of the lighting. During the setup process, have your event lighting specialist spiff up the restrooms and hallways with bright lighting too.  Contact services like Orange Frog Productions to learn more about other lighting features you can use to set the 80s mood. The Dress Code Including a dress code in your family reunion invitations will help ensure that everyone shows up ready for the action and “in character” so they’re more likely to engage with all the themed features you’ve planned for the event. Ask everyone to wear an 80s-inspired outfit or accessorize with a couple items that remind them of the time period. You should also have a box of accessories such as brightly colored sunglasses, hair ties, jean jackets, makeup, and other items that your guests can use to dress up with if they don’t show up in costume. This should help ensure that everyone has an opportunity to take part in the festivities even if they weren’t able to prepare beforehand. You can even hold a costume contest to encourage your guests to come dressed up in appropriate attire to the family reunion. The Food You’ll want the food and refreshments at your family reunion to reflect what life was like in the 1980s, so plan a menu that focuses on popular foods from the decade and ask each guest to choose one dish to bring and share with everyone else. This will give everyone a chance to express their own memories and thoughts about the 1980s by customizing their dishes, and it will save you some time and money in terms of making sure everyone’s bellies are taken care of throughout the festivities. Consider asking guests to bring dishes such as: Pumpernickel bread and spinach dip Jello pudding Pasta salad Sloppy Joes Pesto and crackers Pot pie 7-layer dip Salisbury steak Don’t be afraid to ask your guests for suggestions before putting together a final menu to ensure that all your bases are covered. Once the menu has been finalized, send a group email to your guests so they can collaborate and claim an item to bring while keeping a running tally until everything on...

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3 Ways To Light Up A DJ Stand For Any Large Party

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What separates the big parties from the small get-togethers is the use of a live DJ, since a live DJ can pump up the crowd in ways an MP3 player on Shuffle can’t. However, just having a DJ at your party only ensures that what comes over the airwaves gets better, not necessarily the spectacle of your party. In order to bring it to the next level, you need to make your DJ the premier spectacle of the party, especially if he or she is a local act that you hired specifically. Here are some ways to put your DJ on a pedestal and make your party the bender of the year.  Lasers A laser show underneath your DJ stand is a quick way to add some serious spectacle to any party. Aside from the obvious appeal of a long row of lasers underneath your DJ, the long red, green, or blue lines of light will make the party space look bigger than it is. This makes for some great photo opportunities for fraternities, night clubs or other organizations that thrive when their parties are well known.  Shadow Boxes If you want something more low-key than a laser show, then a shadow box or two underneath the DJ stand will provide some light and visual interest without going overboard. Shadow boxes are also good for live bands and singers if you’re having that kind of entertainment for your party. Perhaps the best part about shadow boxes is that you can build your own with an afternoon, some Plexiglass and some electrical equipment. These work well to provide soft theatrical lighting in practically any setting, and can be adapted to flash using a 555 timer, with tons of plans available online for this simple project.  Christmas Lights For an option that can be done on just about any budget and time frame, the humble Christmas light string offers a superb solution. Especially for more romantic or intimate parties, or for a more mature crowd, a simple string or two of Christmas lights beneath a DJ stand gives some special significance to the whole party. Spelling out the occasion or a birthday celebrant’s name in lights can easily be done with some pushpins and a black foam board. Another idea for lighting up your DJ is to light up a wire arch or even a tomato cage for a charming starlight effect.  To learn more, contact a company like Prairie Mobile Music DJ...

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Marie Watt: A Profile Of A Modern Native Artist

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When most people think about Native American art, they picture the items they saw in their history books when they are in school or items they have seen at their local history museum. However, it is important to realize that Native American art is still alive today. The importance of art has not diminished among the remaining Native American tribes. In fact, numerous Native American artists are carving their own names in the art world right now. Marie Watt represents just one of many modern Native American artists. Public Displays Of Her Work Marie Watt is a member of the Turtle Clan of the Seneca Nation. She has had her work displayed at the: Museum of Arts & Design in New York City in 2012 Hallie Ford Museum of Art at Willamette University Tacoma Art Museum in Tacoma, Washington Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Native Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico Ronna and Eric Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art at Lewis & Clark College John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin Seattle Art Museum National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC Portland Art Museum in Portland, Oregon It is said that a great artist is one whose work you can see and visit in a museum. Marie Watts, although she is not yet 50 years old, has had her work shown at numerous museums over the years. Her work has been on display at all of the museums listed above, as well as many others not listed. Examples Of Her Work Marie Watt uses multiple mediums to express her artistic identity. Many of her pieces use reclaimed material that she has put together in a new way, such as her Blanket series, which looks at the ways in which blankets are woven into our everyday lives and examine the importance of blankets within the Native American community. In another series of work, Sleep and Sleeplessness, Ms. Watt’s draws upon observations of everyday objects, such as stones and corn husks to inform her drawings. Through her drawings, she explores the relationships between individuals and everyday objects. Here drawings all created using crowquill pens. This series shows the artist’s interpretation of the relationship of everyday objects, day-to-day life, arts and crafts. Ms. Watt’s works vary from the more traditional forms, such as drawings, to modern art exhibits of reclaimed and repurposed material. Her work is just one example of how the Native American art community is not something frozen in time; it is a living, breathing community of active artists who are creating and sharing their work with the world everyday. The next time you want to purchase a work of art, consider looking into a modern Native American artist through a dealer like Gallery...

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4 Hot Trends In Wedding Dresses

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Whether your walk down the aisle is coming up next month or some unspecified day in the future, it’s never too soon to start shopping for the perfect dress. The trick, for many brides, is wading through the vast array of options and finding a dress that expresses originality. If you’re on the market for a gown, there are four big trends to watch out for. Each of these is growing in popularity with brides around the world. Anything But White White has been the traditional wedding gown color in the West for centuries, but many cultures eschew plain old white for more vibrant bridal colors. Many Asian cultures, for example, see red as the traditional matrimonial color. Trends from around the world are starting to pop up in Canadian weddings. The big advantage of choosing anything but white is the ability to coordinate your gown with the other colors at your wedding. Are you using violets in your centerpiece? Choose a violet gown to make an exciting statement. Bridal Suits The latest fashion trend in wedding dresses isn’t a dress at all, according to the Huffington Post. Today’s career-oriented woman might feel more comfortable in a stylish bridal suit. Wearing a suit makes a dramatic statement about your professional aspirations and provides a refreshing change of pace from the old-fashioned view of marriage as the end of a woman’s independent life. If dresses aren’t your thing but you don’t want your wedding to feel like a corporate board meeting, try a lace jumpsuit. Lace Sleeves Not all the popular trends in wedding couture are so cutting edge; lace sleeves are a throwback to a more traditional time, but they’re gaining popularity. Delicate lacework looks amazing and provides a degree of modesty uncommon in most weddings these days, plus it makes a very original statement. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, lace sleeves on your wedding dress could be the perfect solution. Sexy Shoulders Another hot trend in wedding gowns is showing some shoulder. Strapless dresses are perfect for athletic women with toned arms who want to emphasize their strength. By showing off the collar bones, they manage to walk the fine line between sex appeal and innocence. They also offer something like the classic “princess” aesthetic, a look that combines vulnerability and confidence for a special day. The gown is the centerpiece of the entire wedding, so do your homework and find a dress that says who you are and what your marriage will be. Start shopping today at local stores, such as Allisha...

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How To Stay Safe When Go Karting

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If you are interested in trying your hand at go karting, whether you decide to have a corporate event at a go karting track (like 401 Mini-Indy Go-Karts), or decide to pick up the hobby, you should know that it is a safe sport, but you need to take certain precautions when you take to the track in order to avoid injury. If you stay safe, you can have a lot of fun in this adventurous family activity. This article will give you a good idea of the main areas you should focus on for safety on the track, so that you can sit back, relax, and have some fun. Inspect all Equipment While not common, once in awhile an accident will happen because of a problem with the equipment. If the kart were to roll over, gas spilling out is a major concern. So make sure that the gas caps are tight and the gas tank is in good condition. Also look over the tires, steering and brakes. Have someone look over the chains to make sure they are secured to the kart properly. Tire pressure should be checked, and make sure the safety harness and seat belts secure properly.  Avoid Wearing Loose Clothing Another uncommon, but dangerous situation is the rider or driver wearing loose clothing. The loose clothing can get caught in the wheels and that’s when tragedy strikes. Make sure all clothing is secure to the body, and any ties or pull-strings from hoodies are tucked inside your top and has no way of escaping. Under no circumstances should any rider or driver wear a scarf. Seat Individuals Properly  This is a more common occurrence in private go kart ownership, but there is no reason for anyone to be riding on the drivers lap. There are go karts that are made for double occupancy and that’s the only way two people should be inside of a go kart. And there is no reason for someone to be riding in the lap of a passenger, either. Even going very slow on private property, as any small accident can result in a catastrophic injury with someone who is riding unrestrained.  Exercise Good Driving Skills Every driver should know how to drive a go kart correctly. Many younger people don’t understand how fast a go kart can go, and even experienced automobile drivers should have some knowledge as to how a go kart handles. A driver must be responsible at all times in order to ensure the safety of their passengers and others on the...

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Inuit Art: Preserving The Canadian Environment To Protect A Culture

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Inuit art is a traditional art form created by the Inuit natives that are indigenous to the far northern portions of Canada. Their history goes back thousands of years and has a strong basis in nature and their surroundings. Unfortunately, destruction of the Inuit people’s environment has an impact on their art. As a result, it’s important that the Canadian natural habitat be protected and preserved for the Inuit art to be created as it has for so many years. The History of Inuit People, Art, and Culture In the past, Inuit people were commonly called “Eskimos.” They came to occupy the coldest lands far north, including Canada, to avoid the hostile tribes that lived in the warmer southern areas. Because of the Inuit’s skills and adaptability, they were able to settle in the cold and hostile environment of the Arctic. They not only survived, but they thrived despite the hard living conditions.They learned to live in harmony with the harsh cold, dangerous wildlife, and lack of food sources. As a result, their past and present artwork shows that respect and love they had for their land and all the living creatures that inhabited the area. The Inuit cultures believe in animism, which means that all living things have a spirit. Out of respect, the Inuit people created works of art to honor these spirits. They used materials that were readily available to them in the Canadian environment and were skilled at carving, weaving, and building incredible works of art using minimal tools. Some materials commonly used in their artwork include: animal bone, skin/fur, teeth, and other body parts bird feathers native grasses driftwood and stones How Environmental Changes Impact Native Inuit Art The Canadian environment, like other areas of the world, is undergoing changes. Whether as a result of global warming, normal climate changes, or human development, the effects are obvious. Negative environmental changes have a dramatic impact on the materials available to the Inuit people who create native art. Materials that were commonly available in nature can become difficult to find as extinction and weather changes impact the Inuit people’s land and wildlife. Many present day Inuit artists craft their works of art based on what they still see in their environment. And, many still use the materials available to them as their ancestors did in the past. Supporting the Inuit artists, and protecting the Canadian environment, are the only ways to make sure the culture and artwork will continue for future generations to...

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