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Whether your walk down the aisle is coming up next month or some unspecified day in the future, it’s never too soon to start shopping for the perfect dress. The trick, for many brides, is wading through the vast array of options and finding a dress that expresses originality. If you’re on the market for a gown, there are four big trends to watch out for. Each of these is growing in popularity with brides around the world. Anything But White White has been the traditional wedding gown color in the West for centuries, but many cultures eschew plain old white for more vibrant bridal colors. Many Asian cultures, for example, see red as the traditional matrimonial color. Trends from around the world are starting to pop up in Canadian weddings. The big advantage of choosing anything but white is the ability to coordinate your gown with the other colors at your wedding. Are you using violets in your centerpiece? Choose a violet gown to make an exciting statement. Bridal Suits The latest fashion trend in wedding dresses isn’t a dress at all, according to the Huffington Post. Today’s career-oriented woman might feel more comfortable in a stylish bridal suit. Wearing a suit makes a dramatic statement about your professional aspirations and provides a refreshing change of pace from the old-fashioned view of marriage as the end of a woman’s independent life. If dresses aren’t your thing but you don’t want your wedding to feel like a corporate board meeting, try a lace jumpsuit. Lace Sleeves Not all the popular trends in wedding couture are so cutting edge; lace sleeves are a throwback to a more traditional time, but they’re gaining popularity. Delicate lacework looks amazing and provides a degree of modesty uncommon in most weddings these days, plus it makes a very original statement. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, lace sleeves on your wedding dress could be the perfect solution. Sexy Shoulders Another hot trend in wedding gowns is showing some shoulder. Strapless dresses are perfect for athletic women with toned arms who want to emphasize their strength. By showing off the collar bones, they manage to walk the fine line between sex appeal and innocence. They also offer something like the classic “princess” aesthetic, a look that combines vulnerability and confidence for a special day. The gown is the centerpiece of the entire wedding, so do your homework and find a dress that says who you are and what your marriage will be. Start shopping today at local stores, such as Allisha...

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