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3 Ways To Light Up A DJ Stand For Any Large Party

Posted on Jan 14, 2016 by in Uncategorized |

What separates the big parties from the small get-togethers is the use of a live DJ, since a live DJ can pump up the crowd in ways an MP3 player on Shuffle can’t. However, just having a DJ at your party only ensures that what comes over the airwaves gets better, not necessarily the spectacle of your party. In order to bring it to the next level, you need to make your DJ the premier spectacle of the party, especially if he or she is a local act that you hired specifically. Here are some ways to put your DJ on a pedestal and make your party the bender of the year. 


A laser show underneath your DJ stand is a quick way to add some serious spectacle to any party. Aside from the obvious appeal of a long row of lasers underneath your DJ, the long red, green, or blue lines of light will make the party space look bigger than it is. This makes for some great photo opportunities for fraternities, night clubs or other organizations that thrive when their parties are well known. 

Shadow Boxes

If you want something more low-key than a laser show, then a shadow box or two underneath the DJ stand will provide some light and visual interest without going overboard. Shadow boxes are also good for live bands and singers if you’re having that kind of entertainment for your party. Perhaps the best part about shadow boxes is that you can build your own with an afternoon, some Plexiglass and some electrical equipment. These work well to provide soft theatrical lighting in practically any setting, and can be adapted to flash using a 555 timer, with tons of plans available online for this simple project. 

Christmas Lights

For an option that can be done on just about any budget and time frame, the humble Christmas light string offers a superb solution. Especially for more romantic or intimate parties, or for a more mature crowd, a simple string or two of Christmas lights beneath a DJ stand gives some special significance to the whole party. Spelling out the occasion or a birthday celebrant’s name in lights can easily be done with some pushpins and a black foam board. Another idea for lighting up your DJ is to light up a wire arch or even a tomato cage for a charming starlight effect. 

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